Belly Dance Styles

Bellydancer Jehane's dance styles

Classic Oriental Dance (Orchestras playing music of Om Kalsoum, Mohamed Abdul Wahab, etc)
Modern Bellydance (Egyptian, Lebanese, or Turkish pop songs)
Traditional Egyptian Wedding Zeffa (with shamadan and sagat)
Beledi (old quarter Cairo style)
Saiidi (Upper Egypt)
Ghawazee (Egyptian Gypsy)
Eskanderani (Alexandria)
Siwa Oasis (from Egypt's western desert)
Bedouin (Egyptian desert dance)
Ciftitelli (traditional Turkish Bellydance)
Rroma (folkloric Turkish Gypsy)
Khaleegy (Arabic Gulf)
Interpretive Pharaonic (inspired by ancient Egypt)
Fusion Belly Dance (stretching the artistic limits with flavours of other dance styles such as Bollywood, Jazz, Flamenco or Modern Dance)

Bellydance props

Assaya (cane / stick)
Sagat (zills / finger cymbals)
Shamadan (candelabra)
Moroccan tea tray / candle tray
Melaya leff (large fabric wrap)
Hand candles
Isis wings

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