Belly Dancer Jehane Khan in Canada
Bellydancer for hire

Hire a professional Belly Dancer to make your event spectacular! Jehane is happy to work with you to put together a special custom show up to two hours in length. Any show can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your event. Contact Jehane to discuss your needs.

You can always be assured of the best quality show! Potential clients please click here to download a flyer (155KB pdf) with additional information. Price for performances are based on professional standards of dancers in the Ontario and Quebec region. Other true professionals in the region will charge similar prices; beware of cheap dancers who wear home-made costumes and do not provide a high-quality culturally appropriate show. Your event deserves the very best!

Bellydance shows

Solo zaffah or wedding package (click each package for more details)
Group zeffeh or wedding package
Private events
Restaurant / night club packages
Theatre shows
Additional information on hiring a Belly Dancer

Jehane can assist with arrangements for additional high-quality Bellydance soloists. Jehane never ever sends students to perform at professional events; only real professional dancers in beautiful professional designer costumes.

Belly Dancer for your wedding
  • Solo Orientale or Folklore: Bellydance or Baladi (folkloric) solo performance of 15-20 minutes to music tailored to your tastes (Egyptian, Lebanese, Turkish, or fusion mixture of styles). In 2-piece, costume dress or folkloric costume as appropriate for client’s choice.
  • Egyptian zeffah solo: Egyptian zaffa procession of one dancer with lit shamadan (candelabra) and sagat (finger cymbals) leading the wedding party to their table before dinner. Two-piece costume, oriental-style dress, or folkloric dress as per client’s wishes
  • Egyptian wedding solo package: Egyptian zaffa procession as above, followed by a 15-20 minute solo performance of Egyptian folkloric or Oriental dance after dinner.
  • Egyptian wedding troupe zeffa: Egyptian style zeffa with procession by several dancers wearing lit shamadan and playing sagat (does not include a bellydance solo or any folkloric dances) leading in the bride and groom to their table before dinner. Dancers may wear the 2-piece costumes, or more conservative costume dresses, as client prefers.
  • Egyptian wedding troupe package: Egyptian style zeffa as described above with special add-on of Egyptian folkloric dance(s) and/or a Belly dance solo(s) by one or several dancers.
  • Lebanese zaffeh: dabke-style procession with Lebanese dancers and tabel player leading the wedding party to their table (does not include a bellydance solo or any folkloric dances). Optional howdaj to carry the Bride in to the hall is also available.
  • Lebanese wedding package: dabke procession as described above with sword dancing and dabke show and/or Bellydance solo. Bride and groom may use the special sword to cut their cake. Optional mizmar player also available.

Belly Dance Performer for Special Events
  • For private functions (birthdays, anniversaries), or corporate events, etc.
  • 15-20 minute performance to classic Middle-Eastern orchestra music, Middle-Eastern pop songs, Egyptian folkloric, or Turkish folk or pop music.
  • Additional dancers available for group performance or consecutive performances.
  • No bachelor parties or tacky "sultan act" shows

Bellydancer in Restaurant
  • For weekly restaurant or nightclub performances there is a special rate for regular standing-basis bookings (at least 2 bookings per month for at minimum 4 months duration);
    • reduced rate also available for the second performance on the same evening (within 1 hour of first performance);
    • Jehane can also assist with rotation of variety of dancers on a standing basis.
  • Regular performance consists of a 15-20 minute show; music will be tailored to the preference of the restaurant - i.e. for Lebanese, Egyptian or Moroccan restaurants, classic Middle-Eastern orchestra or Arabic pop songs, Turkish folk or pop for Turkish restaurants, or Greek music for Greek restaurants.
  • Restaurant bookings not on a regular standing basis will follow private function pricing (see above).

Middle-Eastern Dance festival
  • Solo or group performances, Oriental dance, Turkish dance, Egyptian or Lebanese folkloric styles.
  • Performances of varied lengths tailored to the event requirements.
  • Discounts for registered charities available when tax donation receipt is issued.

How to hir a bellydancer
  • If you have any questions: Please don't hesitate to contact Jehane for any questions you may have.
  • Jehane’s Performance Philosophy: The main goal in performing for your event is to make the experience memorable for you and your guests. Jehane is happy to tailor the performance to suit your wishes. Though she may have some helpful suggestions to guide you based on experience performing at events, parties, and weddings / zaffahs, ultimately, it is your event, and she will do her best to make sure you are happy with the results. If you are requesting a style that Jehane does not perform, she will refer you to another dancer who is right for your event.
  • Dancer requirements: Unless alternate arrangements are made, the dancer(s) will bring her music on CD. Clients are responsible to ensure that an adequate sound system is available, and that there is a suitable changing area. If the dancer will be waiting for a long period of time, such as for the time between a zeffa procession and after-dinner performance, it is customary to provide dinner or refreshments in dressing room. Similarly, it is appreciated when restaurants make some refreshment available to between separate performances on the same evening. Dancers do not typically linger and mingle with guests before and after a performance as doing so would be unprofessional.
  • Live Music: Dancers are always happy to dance with Arabic musicians if you an orchestra or band booked for your event. A brief advanced meeting between the dancer(s) and the musicians will be required to coordinate music choices.
  • Excessive waiting: Every performer understands that things don't always happen exactly according to schedule, but please make every effort to be accurate in quoting the time you want the performance to begin, since performers may have other commitments on the same evening, and it wouldn't be fair to keep other clients waiting. Initial grace time of 15 minutes is granted but there is an additional fee for wait times of more than half an hour.
  • Travel: Jehane and her fellow dancers are available for performances outside of the National Capital Region / Ottawa-Gatineau city limits. Travel distances are charged per kilometre and are calculated using Google maps.
  • Pricing: Jehane has published price guidelines for potential clients which can be downloaded here (732KB pdf). Prices indicated reflect standards of professional dancers in the Ontario and Quebec region, and like other respected professional artists, the fees are fixed. If you are looking for a cheaper price, please note that hiring students to perform for professional contracts is risky. Do you really want a discount dancer at your special event? Remember - you get what you pay for!